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When does the Summer of Rails end?

July 27, 2006

Many people have asked… when does the Summer of Rails end? End of August? Labor Day?

Well, according to the Wikipedia entry on summer, the official end of summer in North America is on September 23.

That works for me. If SoR ends on September 23, that gives everybody six more weeks to participate in the Summer of Rails.

So, if you haven’t started a project yet, get going!

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  1. Brian October 18, 2006

    I know you named it summer of Rails beacuse of the google summer of code, but this site should really be year-round. I just found out about it today (in October). :-/

  2. Alex MacCaw October 29, 2006

    Perhaps a winter of rails would be in order :)

  3. patrick November 27, 2006

    Good idea, Brian.

    Not sure if it makes sense to stick with the “seasons” metaphor… but I’ll see what I can do.

  4. Gucio April 9, 2007

    Let’s stark another summer of rails :D

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